‘Malice at the Palace’ Inspired David Stern 1 Lifestyle Basketball Sneakers Debut during NBA Opening Week

LOS ANGELES – USA, October 18, 2021 – Today, the team of footwear innovators Commissioner announced the pre-release of the David Stern 1, also known as the DS1 – a hybrid lifestyle, basketball sneaker that enables athletes to own the hardwood and trendsetters to own the streets. Commissioner's DS1 makes no compromises or tradeoffs when it comes to aesthetics, performance, or comfort. This futuristic, exclusive footwear will have an extremely limited pre-release starting October 19 during NBA opening week on Indiegogo

The company’s story is everything… Commissioner was founded by four master’s students attending the University of Oregon’s Sports Product Management graduate program during Covid-19. After realizing a decline in the popularity of wearing basketball sneakers casually and only seeing the success of retro sneaker releases along with NBA player exclusives not having as much hype as they once did, this group of students began researching why these things were happening.

"It was an accident and very organic because it started as a graduate school project. We all wanted to bring back the fashion value of basketball sneakers like when we were kids. And we all love sneakers, art, fashion, music, basketball, skate and so many more creative cultures that overlap... we all clicked immediately, and the journey began." – Cale Brown, President + Co-Founder of Commissioner

Utilizing a unique brand story - playing off the NBA Dress Code introduced by then Commissioner of the league, David Stern in 2005, the team began creating products that bridge the gap from the streets to the arena, while bringing back the fashion value of the basketball sneaker. This all started with the hybrid Commissioner DS1 (David Stern 1) sneaker, which is as aesthetically pleasing off the court as it is on the court, and it is made of high-quality leather sitting on a responsive EVA foam midsole and durable rubber outsole. With a price point of $350, this product is completely balanced when it comes to durability, style, comfort, or performance. The DS1 is incredibly versatile so whether you’re walking the runway in a fashion show, shooting hoops with friends, or hitting the club – Commissioner’s DS1 is for you.

Commissioner Announces Pre-Release + Launch of The David

“Commissioner is not all about mass-producing products or branding or the stories; it’s so much more than any of these because it’s really a lifestyle. Our slogan is designed for the runway, built for the court, which is catchy, and we love that saying, but our mantra is ‘For the Community, by the Community’… which is far more important to our team because we’re creating experiences for our consumers and executing what we’ve laid out in our mission.” – Cale Brown, President + Co-Founder of Commissioner

Exclusivity, scarcity, and limited production is in Commissioner’s DNA. All the company’s future product releases including the DS1 will be exclusively available direct-to-consumer on their website and the company will not wholesale to retailers. Commissioner has two more SKUs planned for 2022 and it is looking forward to doubling their footwear SKUs in 2023 along with introducing some full product lines which will include apparel or accessories.

Commissioner Announces Pre-Release + Launch of The David

Commissioner Announces Pre-Release + Launch of The David

Commissioner Announces Pre-Release + Launch of The David Commissioner Announces Pre-Release + Launch of The David


https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/commissioner-ds1-lifestyle-basketball-sneakers/ or https://igg.me/at/commissioner




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