$1.13 million in under 2 months... for the community, by the community!

For those who don't know us, we want to introduce to our company Commissioner - a Los Angeles based footwear startup that is currently in the midst of an investment campaign where we have already raised $1.136 million. It is our goal to reach $5 million in investments - and if necessary, a combination of debt-financing offline through traditional means. 

Commissioner delivers hybrid lifestyle and basketball footwear without making any compromises with performance, comfort and style – enabling athletes to own the hardwood and trendsetters to own the streets. Our story is incredibly powerful + our mission is to elevate the fashion value of basketball culture through exclusive experiences – for the community, by the community.


$1.13 million in under 2 months... for the community, by the

Let me start off by thanking all of our investors, friends and family for their unyielding support of Commissioner and all of its' founders! We are incredibly grateful and we cannot wait to continue embedding ourselves within the communities and cultures our mission, vision and objectives promise. 

We're not close to finishing and we still need everyone's support and love, especially with sharing our message with your professional and social networks, friends and family. Our team at Commissioner is all-in and we really appreciate everyone else who is all in with us!

Why do you guys need the funds?

We have a huge vision for Commissioner and the lasting impact it can leave on our communities, and we are obviously incredibly passionate about all things sneakers, basketball, lifestyle, culture, music, fashion, and more. At the end of the day, it is all about accelerating our growth trajectory and ability to deliver this brand at scale.

Currently, our resources are very limited and scattered/unorganized as our team is compromised of four founders - Cale in New Orleans, Kevin in Las Vegas, Martin in Portland, and myself - Timmy in Los Angeles. We have been able to grind out our first SKU and keep up with the process of delivering it to market, however we have three more SKUs to work on for 2022 and then even more in 2023... it's a process to develop and bring product to market, and it requires resources. Here's our key short-term objectives which require more funding:

  • Bring all of the founders on full-time and centralize operations in an office/warehouse combination in the Los Angeles area
  • Hire key team members including a CEO to run the company, footwear designers, web designer/developer + graphic designer, controller, office manager/support staff, and a photographer/videographer
  • Our GTM + overall marketing plan requires a budget and it is our goal to begin executing these plans by the end of the summer (at least 6 months prior to our first product launch in 2022)
  • Prototyping and factory partnerships/relationships are a significant R&D cost and there's only so much we can handle out of our pockets 

Why should you invest?

  • We are minority-owned + community, diversity + equality is embedded in our leaders + all we do!
  • Our story is incredibly powerful + our mission is to elevate the fashion value of basketball culture through exclusive experiences – for the community, by the community.
  • Our team spent the past two years on R&D while studying for their master's at University of Oregon.
  • We haven't missed anything - branding, consumer insights + research, competitive analysis, marketplace opportunity + capacity, product brief + development, merchandising, E-commerce, marketing strategy, product launch, sourcing/costing, demand planning, sustainability + growth.
  • We are different and unique in so many ways... especially within our vision. Invest while you can :)

Are you interested in investing or buying a pair of the Commissioner DS1's?

We don't want to break the bank for you and we have all sorts of lucrative perks for you to choose from with different levels of investment... if you're planning on buying a pair when these release, we recommend investing as little as $500 which guarantees you a pair and some shares in Commissioner. This is a win win for both parties, as the DS1 price point is estimated around $350 ~ you get a ton of value out of the investment. Here's the rest of the perks:

  • $500+ Pair of the Commissioner DS1's + all previous perks
  • $1,000+ Automatic founder status in the Player's Union (Guaranteed early access to all future product releases) + all previous perks
  • $5,000+ VIP Tickets to launch events in NY + LA + all previous perks
  • $25,000+ Travel with all of the Founders to tour our factory in China + Includes all previous perks
  • $100,000+ Opportunity to participate in designing and developing their own sneaker + all previous perks 

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